Top 75 Security Tools by

Top 75 Security Tools by

  1. Nessus: The premier Open Source
    vulnerability assessment tool
  2. Ethereal: Sniffing the glue that holds
    the Internet together
  3. Snort: A free intrusion detection
    system (IDS) for the masses
  4. Netcat:
    The network swiss army knife
  5. TCPDump /
    WinDump: The classic sniffer for
    network monitoring and data acquisition
  6. Hping2: A network probing utility like
    ping on steroids
  7. DSniff: A suite
    of powerful network auditing and penetration-testing tools
  8. GFI LANguard: A commercial
    network security scanner for Windows
  9. Ettercap: In case you
    still thought switched LANs provide much extra security
  10. Whisker/Libwhisker:
    Rain.Forest.Puppy’s CGI vulnerability scanner and library
  11. John the Ripper: An
    extraordinarily powerful, flexible, and fast multi-platform password
    hash cracker
  12. OpenSSH /
    SSH: A secure way to access
    remote computers
  13. Sam Spade: Freeware Windows
    network query tool

  14. ISS Internet Scanner
    : Application-level vulnerability assessment
  15. Tripwire: The grand-daddy of file
    integrity checkers
  16. Nikto: A more
    comprehensive web scanner
  17. Kismet: A powerful wireless

  18. SuperScan
    : Foundstone’s Windows TCP port scanner
  19. L0phtCrack 4 (now
    called “LC4&quot”) : Windows password auditing and recovery application
  20. Retina:
    Commertial vulnerability assessment scanner by eEye
  21. Netfilter: The current Linux
    kernel packet filter/firewall
  22. traceroute/ping/telnet/whois: The basics

  23. Fport
    : Foundstone’s enhanced netstat
  24. SAINT: Security
    Administrator’s Integrated Network Tool
  25. Network Stumbler: Free Windows 802.11
  26. SARA: Security Auditor’s Research
  27. N-Stealth: Web server
  28. AirSnort: 802.11 WEP Encryption
    Cracking Tool
  29. NBTScan: Gathers
    NetBIOS info from Windows networks
  30. GnuPG /
    : Secure your files and communication w/advanced encryption
  31. Firewalk:
    Advanced traceroute
  32. Cain & Abel: The poor man’s
  33. XProbe2:
    Active OS fingerprinting tool
  34. SolarWinds Toolsets: A plethora
    of network discovery/monitoring/attack tools
  35. NGrep: Convenient
    packet matching & display
  36. Perl /
    : Portable, general-purpose scripting languages
  37. THC-Amap: An application
    fingerprinting scanner
  38. OpenSSL: The premier SSL/TLS
    encryption library
  39. NTop: A network traffic usage monitor
  40. Nemesis:
    Packet injection simplified
  41. LSOF: LiSt Open
  42. Hunt: An
    advanced packet sniffing and connection intrusion tool for Linux
  43. Honeyd: Your own
    personal honeynet
  44. Achilles: A Windows web
    attack proxy
  45. Brutus: A network brute-force
    authentication cracker
  46. Stunnel: A general-purpose SSL
    cryptographic wrapper
  47. Paketto Keiretsu: Extreme
  48. Fragroute: IDS
    systems’ worst nightmare
  49. SPIKE
    : HTTP Hacking
  50. THC-Hydra: Parallized
    network authentication cracker
  51. OpenBSD: The proactively secure
    operating system.
  52. TCP Wrappers:
    A classic IP-based access control and logging mechanism
  53. pwdump3: Allows for
    retreiving Windows password hashes locally or across the network whether or not
    syskey is enabled.
  54. LibNet: A high-level
    API (toolkit) allowing the application programmer to construct and inject
    network packets
  55. IpTraf: IP Network
    Monitoring Software
  56. Fping: A parallel ping scanning
  57. Bastille: Security hardening
    script for Linux, Mac OS X, and HP-UX
  58. Winfingerprint: A
    Win32 Host/Network Enumeration Scanner
  59. TCPTraceroute: A
    traceroute implementation using TCP packets
  60. Shadow Security
    : A commercial vulnerability assessment tool
  61. pf: The innovative packet
    filter in OpenBSD
  62. LIDS: A Linux kernel intrusion
    detection/defense system
  63. hfnetchk: Microsoft tool for
    checking the patch status of all the Windows machines on a network from a
    central location
  64. etherape: A graphical
    network monitor for Unix modeled after etherman
  65. dig: A handy DNS query tool
    that comes free with Bind
  66. Crack / Cracklib:
    Alec Muffett’s classic local password cracker
  67. cheops /
    cheops-ng: Gives a simple
    interface to many network utilities, maps local or remote networks and
    identifies OS of machines
  68. zone alarm: Windows Personal
    firewall software. They offer a limited

    free version
    , but much of the functionality is disabled. Some users
    prefer Kerio Personal Firewall, which
    also sports free and commercial versions.
  69. Visual Route:
    Obtains traceroute/whois data and plots it on a World map
  70. The Coroner’s Toolkit (TCT): A
    collection of tools that are either oriented towards gathering or analyzing
    forensic data on a Unix system
  71. tcpreplay: a tool to replay
    saved tcpdump or
    snoop files at arbitrary
  72. snoop: A well-known
    gangsta rapper (Snoop Dogg)! It is also a network sniffer that comes with
  73. putty: An
    excellent Windows SSH client
  74. arpwatch: Keeps track of
    ethernet/ip address pairings and can detect certain
    monkey business
  75. pstools:
    A suite of free command-line tools for managing Windows systems (process
    listings, command execution, etc)

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