Linux Journal Announces Winners of 2005 Editors’ Choice Awards

Dikutip dari Linux Journal Editor Choice..
tapi kenapa dan mengapa pilihan-pilihan itu di favoritkan saya masih belum tahu…
nanti kita liat lagi..
The winners, featured in the August 2005 issue of Linux Journal, are as follows:

* Best Server Hardware: IBM eServer xSeries
* Best Personal Computer or Workstation: Apple/Terra Soft PowerMac G5
* Best Security Tool: Max Moser & Contributors, Auditor Security Collection
* Best Web Browser or Client: The Mozilla Organization, Firefox
* Best Graphics Software:, Inkscape
* Best Communication Tool: Ryan Boren, Matthew Mullenweg and Contributors,
WordPress 1.5
* Best Desktop Software: Novell Evolution
* Best Language: C# Language Design Team and The Mono Project, C#
* Best Software Library or Module: Simon Cozens and Sebastian Riedel, Maypole
* Best Database: PostgreSQL Global Development Group, PostgreSQL 8.0
* Best Management or Administration Software: Alfredo K. Kojima, Michael Vogt,
Gustavo Niemeyer and Contributors, Synaptic
* Best Mobile Device: IBM and EmperorLinux, IBM ThinkPad T series/EmperorLinux
* Best Game or Entertainment Software: Jasmin F. Patry and Contributors, Tux
* Best Development Book: George Schlossnagle, Advanced PHP Programming
* Best System Administration Book: Ulf Troppens, Rainer Erkens and Wolfgang
Mueller, Storage Networks Explained
* Best End-user or Nontechnical Book: Paul Graham, Hackers & Painters
* Best Technical Web Site: Eklektix, Inc., LWN
* Best Nontechnical or Community Web Site: Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia
* Project of the Year:
* Product of the Year: Ralink Technology Corp., RT2500 Chipset Solution

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