Picotux – The Smallest Linux Computer in The World

Say hello to the smallest Linux computer in
the world
. It’s called the "Picotux 100", and it’s only slightly larger
(35mm×19mm×19mm) than an RJ45 connector.

 Inside, there is an ARM7 CPU at 55 MHz running uClinux kernel 2.4.27 and
Busybox 1.0. Two communication interfaces are provided, 10/100 Mbit half/full
duplex Ethernet and a serial port with up to 230.400 baud. Five additional lines
can be used for either general input/output or serial handshaking..

Picotux – The Smallest Linux Computer in The World

smallest linux computer in the world 

Well if I had one, I don’t know what I would do with it. But I really NEED
one. You see there is something about miniaturized Anything that has a strange
appeal to us Geeks.

 Is it because its concealable? Maybe it’s because you can pack more gadgets
into the minimal space we have in our dark caves? Who knows? I don’t know. So
don’t ask me. Just buy me what I want alright? Good.

Anyway, here is some specs on the picotux 100.


Technical Specs  
Processor: 32-bit ARM 7 Netsilicon NS7520
Processor Clock: 55 MHz
Flash Memory: 2 MB
Ethernet: 10/100 Mbit, HD and FD, auto sensing
Serial (TTL): Up to 230.400 bps
General Input/Output Pins(TTL): 5, can be used as Handshake
LED for Ethernet: 2; green (programmable) and yellow (Carrier)
Supply Voltage: 3,3 Volt +- 5%
Supply Current: 250 mA
Operating System: uClinux 2.4.27 Big Endian (native)
Shell: Busybox 1.0 and others
File Systems: CRAMFS, JFFS2, NFS
Applications: Webserver, Telnet
Size of the Linux Systems in Flash: 720 KB and more
Protected Bootloader for Update over Network: 64 KB Code
Development System: GNU Tool chain
Compiler GCC 3.4.4 for C/C++ and Fortran
Binutils 2.15
Library: uClibc 0.9.26
Height: 19 mm
Width: 19 mm
Deep: 36 mm
Package: Shielded by metal
Weight: ca.18 g
Ambient Temperature: -40°C to 85°C

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