Nyoba eSnips (Online video and audio content sharing)

eSnips lets you share content online – whatever kind of content it is. There’s a number of disparate places that we’re sharing content now and each one has it’s own social network.

eSnips targets mainstream users that would be frustrated with too many places to share their content. You can upload any type of file to eSnips and create as many separate sharing environments that you want. You can even sell some of the content you put into the system.

There are close to 1M users and about 3M visitors per month.

eSnips uses a folder metaphor that allows you to organize your content. Folders can be shared or private and are tagged to make them discoverable. eSnips automatically suggests other folders that might be interesting based on the content in your folder.

eSnips is free and you get 1GB of storage.

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Hanya seseorang yang belajar untuk mencari sesuatu yang mungkin akan menjadikannya sesuatu yang akan berguna untuk suatu hari nanti.

02. October 2006 by Me My Self
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