Why use Virtual?

now, this options not only mouth speaking.
me decide to use this because of so many reason for my resource needed.
before, surabaya office used to expand limits of hardware or software solutions within data centers. now in bali office, me needed only for expanding my hardware to be a backup machine for all service in office.
so, here’s why we must use an virtualization.

  • Save time
  • Reduce the number of physical server since we now can run many virtual machines inside one physical box
  • Reduce network cabling and switches
  • Shorten the backup window and be well prepared for disaster recovery solutions
  • Save a huge amount of money on electricity and space
  • Get total control of all your servers and storage
  • Be able to remotely administrate your whole infrastructure
  • Deploy new servers and whole solutions in minutes
  • Upgrade/perform hardware maintenance whit out any downtime (no more late night/weekend work)
  • Utilize your investments to the full
  • Have future proof migrations, never have to reinstall a virtual server simply because you needed to do a hardware upgrade
  • Be able to do test on a exactly replica of your production environment. So now you will now for sure 100% that whatever new software you want to install will work in your production
  • Reduce the numbers of cables (power, net, fiber etc) to a minimum
  • Increase the performance of many applications
  • Do things you never thought was possible before, bend the physical rules a little bit.

Let’s start to virtual

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