Windows Barunya Microsoft…

Iseng-iseng baca News-nya Microsoft, ternyata udah ada versi beta yang diberi
Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 1 dengan code namenya "longhorn"
mengenai apa yang baru diwindows ini.. teman-teman
bisa langsung liat
ini me kutip beberapa aja

• Reliability: From prevention through recovery
Windows Vista detects hardware problems before they occur; reduces the frequency
of incidents in which applications stop responding or the PC needs to be
restarted; and automatically recovers from startup and service failures.
How do
you benefit? No data loss, no frustration, and no downtime.

• Security: Defense in depth.
Windows Vista is the most secure and trustworthy Windows operating system ever,
and it helps organizations achieve their business and computing goals with
confidence. Windows Vista security features protect against the latest
generation of threats, such as worms, viruses, and malware. If an attacker
manages to compromise a computer,
Windows Vista limits the damage.
• etc..
dan yang paling sadis…, windows ini rakus resource…
Minimum system requirements will not be known until summer 2006 at the earliest.

However, these guidelines provide useful estimates:
• 512 megabytes (MB) or more of RAM
• A dedicated graphics card with DirectX® 9.0 support
• A modern, Intel Pentium- or AMD Athlon-based PC

apanya nggak boros tuh…, memory aja diset minimum.. belum yg laen-laen…
huh… ngikutin teknologi emang bikin rambut rontok… :D.

resource yang laen mengenai longhorn
ini ada beberapa images mengenai longhorn..
Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4,Image 5,

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